The Talmud

Based on the Talmud and Kung-Fu movies.
Directed by Jesse Freedman

UPCOMING PREMIERE: September 12 - 28, 2019

THE DOXSEE @ Target Margin Theater
232 52nd Street, Brooklyn

Tickets $20-$25

Meta-Phys Ed.'s THE TALMUD is a genre-bending performance that draws from a century of Chinese martial arts cinema, and, a single chapter of The Talmud--a 5th century text of Rabbinic Judaism. Featuring innovative production design, kung-fu films, and rabbinic law, THE TALMUD is a confounding exploration of sacred wisdom and how ancient traditions survive the dangerous journey across generations. The Law of Sicarii Did not Apply…

Director: Jesse Freedman
Based on The Talmud text and Kung-Fu films
Performed by: Lucie Allouche, Abrielle Kuo, Eli M. Schoenfeld, Jae Woo, Lu Liu on Pipa
Costume Designer: Karen Boyer
Composer: Avi Amon
Pipa Composers: Lu Liu, Avi Amon
Sound Designer: Eamon Goodman
Scenic Designer: Kyu Shin
Projection Designer: Lacey Erb
Lighting Designer: Yi-Chung Chen
Assistant Director/Producer: Robert Malbrough
Production Manager: Grace Orr
Producer: Kelly Lamanna
Photo Credit: Jenny Sharp
Original video design concepts by Gil Sperling

WORKSHOP: January 10th - 13th 2019

Directed by Jesse Freedman 
Presented by The Exponential Festival
Based on 5th century Rabbinic text and Kung-Fu films 

Target Margin Theater
232 52nd Street, Brooklyn

Performed by: Hui-Shan Yong, Lucie Allouche, Sean Devare, Zixin Liu and Lu Liu on Pipa

Costumes: Karen Boyer
Sound: Avi A. Amon
Set: Kyu Shin
Projection: Gil Sperling
Lights: Yi-Chung Chen
Assistant Director: Robert Malbrough
Stage Manager: Léah Miller
Production Manager: Kelly Lamanna

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